Ito Naging Sagot Ni Jobert Sulcadito Matapos Humingi Ng Tawad Si Morissette Amon

Every people in this world commits mistakes and some of them did not accept their wrongs but a few accept it and ask forgiveness and apologize to the people they have done the wrongdoings.

And it is blessed to forgives one person who done mistakes against you especially when they humbly apologize and ask forgiveness.

The entertainment columnist and showbiz host Jobert Sucaldito recently shared his reaction and response to the apology of the controversial singer Morisette Amon after walking out of a birthday concert at the Music Museum.

The producer of the concert considers and accepted the heart touching apology of Morissette Amon for her wrongdoings.

Jobert uttered that he considers Morissette as his own kid and that he respects her for having a responsibility towards her mistake.

In addition to that, he is praying for the famous singer to resolve the problems in the various aspects of her life.

This is what his response to the heart touching apology of Morissette to Jobert Sucaldito which was posted on his Facebook account.

“With this Morissette, anak pa rin kita. I am praying that after this, everything will be okay for you healthwise, mentally and emotionally.

“Hindi ako marunong magtanim ng galit sa mga taong umaamin ng pagkukulang nila – that doesn’t make them less of human beings.

“Kaya thank you for acknowledging and let’s move forward for a better tomorrow. God bless you anak,”

Recently, the entertainment and showbiz columnist and host Jobert Sucaldito hit the famous singer because of what she had done at the birthday concert.

What can you say about this? Do you agree with the reaction of Jobert towards the apology of Morissette? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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