Judy Ann Santos Nagsalita Na TUngkol Sa Sinabi Niya Kay Yohan Na Ampon Siya

The Teleserye Queen, Judy Ann Santos remembered the day that she revealed to Yohan about the arrangement of their family. She was the one who unveiled to Yohan, her eldest daughter, that she was adopted.

The ‘Starla leading actress’ said that she revealed to Yohan ahead on because she didn’t desire her daughter to learn it from those people who would unveil it to her but not in a nice circumstance. She further said that she had taught in Yohan that she initially became a mother earlier becoming a wife and that Yohan must learn that she was the first.

Judy Ann Santos has constantly been boastful of her eldest daughter, Yohan. The relationship between Juday and Yohan, being the famous celebrity’s adopted daughter, is one that could actually inspire many families presently.

From the previous interview on PUSH Bets Live, It was found out that Judy Ann came up with the time that she taught to Yohan about the arrangement of their family.

It was last 2005 when she became a mother to Yohan, the famous star’s 26th birthday. Based on the ‘Push Bets Live’ interview, Judy Ann told that first at the time of their relationship, when there were only the two of them, she knows that Yohan then understood.

She said to her and revealed it to her because she didn’t desire her daughter to keep a grudge towards her if she would hold the truth from her. She provided great value on the importance of being honest with your children, especially with social media.

“Ang fear ko kasi may ibang taong mag marunong at mag-atribida na sabihin tapos not in nice context tapos maging iba yung dating doon sa bata,”

The actress told.


At that time, she crossed her fingers and simply lifted everything to the Almighty God. Now, she and her daughter are happy with their relationship. She was capable to make Yohan understand that

“being adopted is not a bad thing.”
“I adopt you because I want you to be my family. I chose you,”

Juday added. The 41-year-old famous celebrity also taught to Yohan that she was the initial one who arrived before Daddy Ryan. She indicated that she was a mother earlier than becoming a wife, which at the beginning, Yohan discovered a little puzzling but next came to accept the truth.

Presently, Judy Ann is very comfortable with how Yohan has become. The charming girl is going to mark her 15th birthday this November.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the courage of Juday revealing the truth with Yohan? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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