Ayaw Pa Rin Ni Misis Magpagalaw Kay Mister Kahit Kasal Na Sila, Nabigla Si Mister Nang Matuklasan Ang Tinatago Nitong Sikreto

Pat was excited when his wife Lucy has finally returned home on the night of their wedding. In their seven years of being together, he did not have to touch the v1rg1nity, and he respected it because he loved her very much. Now that they are married, Patrick thinks there is no reason to reject him in bed.

While lying in bed Pat immediately kissed his wife. She also returned with a warm kiss, she seemed to be awful in her movement, so Pat couldn’t even lower his arms to her chest.

“Is something wrong, dear?” he asked his wife.

“Can we not do this night? I’m too tired,”

The woman replied.

Because he was a good person, Pat didn’t insist. He just hugged her tightly until she fell asleep, but he stayed up all night, wondering what could possibly be the true cause of the woman’s shyness.

The next morning Pat decides to confront Lucy because all night long he realizes the woman is hiding a secret.

“Dear, I want you to know that even if I am not the first, I don’t care. I accept you and I love you.”

Lucy was shocked at what the man said. It smiled.

“What do you mean? You mean, even if I’m not a v1rgin, can you accept me?”

“Yes,” Pat definitely answered.

Lucy embraced him and told her she was a v1rgin. She said that the secret she was long hiding.

“As a kid, I got into a bike accident. I had to have surgery and now I have a big cut in the middle of my chest. This is why I’m ashamed to see me whole. But now I know how precious it is I am to you, I am not ashamed. ”

It didn’t take long before their romance of the two bears a fruit. By being a good father to their son, Lucy only proves how lucky she is to have a man she married.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson from this story? Are you hiding the secret from your spouse? Kindly share your reactions, comments, and thoughts with us.

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