Kakai Bautista Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Naranasan Niya Kay Lea Salongan Bilang Assistant

Most of the well-known celebrities or individuals in the world of show business have amazing stories behind their celebrated successes. Some of them actually came from a simple family and did everything they could to reach the dream that someday people would recognize their talents.

They also want to improve the lives of their families so that despite their hardships, they continue to fight.

One of the actresses with this story is comedienne and singer Kakai Bautista. At present, she is said to have succeeded in almost every aspect of her life and has fulfilled one of her dreams, to lift up for his family’s status in life.

She started having various works to earn money until she was given the opportunity to enter and work in a theater. There she was accompanied by famous singer Miss Lea Salonga and recently returned with a memory of the two while they were still in the theater.

“It’s been almost 20 years ago since I had the privilege to serve the only LEA SALONGA. This was the year 2000 in “They’re Playing Our Song”. I was her wardrobe assistant. I iron, laundry, carry her costumes and wash her inner garments 6 days a week for almost a year. I dress her on quick changes.”

Kakai did not have an easy situation to reach her dream and in fact, she suffered from hunger or could walk far when her fare was insufficient.

Kakai revealed.

Life was very hard back then. I need to walk from EDSA to AFP Theater. I had to skip meals to save for everyday fare to friends and I, naghahati-hati kane sa isang cup ng Yakisoba ganun lang. Pero MASAYA KAME. I needed to find ‘Cubao shoe expo” without Google and Waze.”

Because of the difficulties in life, there are times when she seems to want to give up but every time she hears the voice of Miss Lea Salonga she was encouraged.

She furthered.

“Last to sleep, first to rise. There were times I wanted to give up kase sobrang pagod pero pag naririnig ko siyang (Lea Salonga) kumanta, nagigising diwa ko because I see her everyday. I got to sing and dance off stage with her during shows. I got to hug and greet her “volunteer song lady” everyday.”

It’s exciting to hear such success stories like of Kakai’s life. It is only proof that the person who does not give up on the dream will surely succeed.

What can you say about this? Do you experience difficulties and struggles to reach your dreams? Be inspired by Kakai’s success story. Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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