Nahuli Sa Video Ang Kakaibang Pagpapaanak Sa Isang Buntis

Our parents are doing everything they can to just provide a good life for us. They work hard so that they can give us a better future.

So as children, we should change and provide for our parents as well. We must obey their command as it is for our own good and we should love them as much as the love and care they give to us.

Our mothers go through a difficult process just to survive in this world. To give birth, they undergo normal delivery or cesarian delivery.

But, they did not manage the pain they went through, because just seeing us and hearing our first cry, was one of the happiest feelings for them.

After watching the video clip, many of the mothers reacted to the video. Some of them shared their experience of giving birth while others wept with joy as they recalled their own experiences.

Here are some netizens’ comments:

“No matter how many births I’ve seen, whether in person or online, it never ceases being magical. It’s such an amazing process.”

“Marvelous creation. GOD is the best engineer in our lives. Imagine how a fetus develops inside the mother’s womb and live? You are so amazing, Lord.”

“I just can’t stop my tears to see this video, how precious life is, in his first breath and first cried just imagine how life can be till our last breath in this world… ??? for children love ur parents..”

Here is a short video clip that shows a mother giving birth to her child that will really melt in our hearts. Kindly watch the video and share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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