Karylle, Nag-atubiling Batiin Ang Dati Niyang Kasintahan Na Si Dingdong Dantes Sa It’s Showtime

Karylle was one of the guests of “Its Showtime” during the segment “Mas Testing”. When the Kapamilya singer wasn’t able to answer a question thrown to her, she was given a “fun-ishment” or entertaining penalties.

Vice Ganda and Vhong Navarro were the co-hosts of the said segment and the contestants were Randy Santiago and Mitoy Yonting.

Vice Ganda said,

“Ito ang punishment mo, Karylle: Mag-‘Hi!’ sa isang ex na kilala namin on national television.”

Karylle uncomfortably asked, “Wala naman akong number. Feeling ko blinock ako, e. Tatawagan ko?”

Vice and Vhong then clarified that Karylle will only face the camera to give her greetings to her ex-boyfriend.

At first, Karylle was a little bit hesitant and trying her best to dodge the situation but later on, she admitted that she was scared that she would receive criticisms if she did.

“Kinakabahan ako. Baka ma-bash ako mamaya.”

She then told to Vice, “Kapag binash ako, you got me girl, ha?”

To which Vice replied, “I got you! I got you!”

Vice also clarified that Karylle will only greet her ex-boyfriend as part of the “fun-ishment” segment.

“Hi lang naman ito. This is just a game. Huwag niyo seseryosohin. Ang may gusto po nito ay yung gumawa ng game. Walang kinalaman si Karylle dito, so wala siyang choice.”

Before this, Vice said that Vhong was the one who chooses the five options for the “punishment” of Karylle.

To make it less difficult for Karylle, she was then asked to only greet her ex-boyfriend with no message includes. The Kapamilya singer-actress took a lot of time as she still hesitant to greet her ex-boyfriend.

At this point, Karylle still does not name which ex-boyfriend she is referring to.

She explained,

“Actually, madali lang yung ‘Hi!’ Yung mahirap, yung iba-bash ako mamaya. Ibang ex na lang. Kilala ni DJ Mod… Hindi na kailangan buong pangalan.”

Instead of referring to her ex-boyfriend who’s known by her co-hosts, Karylle mentions a “Mark P.”

“Hi, Mark! Kumusta? Sana okay ka.”

After she passes the punishment, Vice said, “Ayan, sinave kita!”

To which Karylle replied, “Feeling ko sinave mo kasi uulitin mo sa next [punishment].”

Vice even teased Karylle that she had to excel in the contest because “the next punishment is to greet the ex’s wife.”

Karylle said,

“Kaya ko na! Kasi na-warm up na ako. I’m ready for anything now. Ready na ako kahit sinong hello, tawagan natin, whatever.”

Karylle made another mistake in the segment so she received a punishment again – to cut one-inch of her bangs. While facing the mirror and properly cutting her bangs, Karylle then gave a greeting for Dingdong.

She said,

“Hi to my ex! Kumusta kayo diyan?”

Vice then challenged her, “Sige, sabihin mo totoong pangalan ng ex na kilala namin!”

To which Karylle accepted and said, “Hi, Sixto. Belated happy birthday.”

Karylle was referring to Dingdong whose full name is Jose Sixto Dantes III. Dingdong celebrates his 40th birthday on August 2.

Vice said, “Taray! Brave girl!”

To which Karylle replied, “Happy ka na, Vice?!”

Vice then clarified, “Friend naman natin sila.”

Karylle agreed, “Oo, friend natin sila.”

What can you say about this? Do you think that Karylle should not greet Dingdong Dantes on his birthday? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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