Kasambahay Ni Alex Gonzaga, Naiyak Nang May Ginawa Ang Aktres Para Sa Kanyang Vlog

Alex Gonzaga is one of the most loved celebrity vloggers in the Philippines. Alex made a name for herself not only as a host or an actress but also as a vlogger. She began her YouTube channel in July 2017. The 33-year-old Kapamilya actress now earned more than 7.6 million subscribers on YouTube after three years. Alex is now one of the highest-paid vloggers in the Philippines with the popularity of her vlog.

Alex usually shares her day-to-day life on her vlogs. She sometimes treating her subscribers and followers with the peek of her fun-loving relationship with her family. But the most popular videos of Alex are her travel vlogs and her prank videos.

As we all know, Alex already has done several different pranks not only to her family but also to her friends. In the latest YouTube vlog of the Kapamilya star, she decided to play a terrifying prank in their household.

Alex gives her household members a scare by using a fake tongue she ordered online. To make her prank successful, she then used a fork to pretend that she accidentally poked her fake tongue. Their housemaid, Jen is just one of the victims by the prank of the actress. Jen even cries and almost passed out from nervousness when Alex pretended to poke her tongue with the fork.

Jen quickly takes action after seeing the situation of Alex. The housemaid also couldn’t help but feel stressed and emotional while she was trying to remove the fork from the fake tongue of Alex. At that time, Jen didn’t know that she was already a part of the prank of Alex.

The said video has already reached more than 6.8 million views as of this writing. There are some netizens who are entertained in the video however some are criticizing the actress for playing a wicked prank on their household.

What can you say about this? Do you think that it is a good prank for her housemaid? Are you entertained or upset by this video prank? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us?

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