Kilalanin Ang Asawa Ni Alfred Vargas Na Meron Pagkakahawig Kay Marian Rivera

There are some celebrities who end up and got married to fellow celebrities, however, there are still some who found true love and happiness to the ordinary person. Just like actor Alfred Vargas who got married to a non-showbusiness personality, but it is as beautiful as a celebrity.

Alfred Vargas is known to be one of the most popular and good-looking actors in the Philippine showbiz industry. He is also admired by many because of the great acting skills that he showed in different television programs.

As we all know, not all beautiful women at handsome men can be found in the showbiz industry, just like the wife of Alfred Vargas who had a huge resemblance to the popular and beautiful actress, Marian Rivera.

She is no other than Yasmine Espiritu-Vargas, who is a half-Filipina and half-Italian and grew up in Italy. Yasmine and Alfred have been blessed with three children namely; Alexandra Milan Vargas, Aryana Cassandra Vargas, and Alfredo Cristiano Vargas IV.

According to Yasmine, she was only an avid fan of the actor before. She even collected the poster of the actor where she displayed it in her room. She was always watching series and movies of the actor.

The two of them met because of a common friend when Yasmine was on a vacation in Laguna while the actor was shooting a show at that time. And that’s the start of their love story. After some years of being together, Alfred and Yasmine decided to get married in a supreme court in 2010.

Currently, the actor is serving as a congressman in his third term in Quezon City and a District Representative of district 5. The couple enjoys and happy being together with their three children who give them happiness and relieve their stress.

What can you say about this? Do you notice the big similarities of her with Marian Rivera? Do you admire the gorgeousness of her? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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