Kilalanin ang mga Pinoy Celebrities na itinuring na nilang kapamilya ang kanilang mga kasambahay

Some parents usually hire a housemaid that will look over and take care of their children whenever they are at work. We can’t deny that housemaids really had great help in the household. Aside from helping in the household chores, the employer also has someone to count on in taking care of their kids while they are busy working.

That’s why most parents are grateful to have housemaids that are trustworthy and doing their very best in their jobs. Because of this, they are not just treated as housemaids but also a part of the family.

Even the showbiz celebrities and personalities also treating their housemaids nicely. Here are some Filipino celebrities who treated their housemaids as a part of the family.

Mariel and Robin Padilla
Robin and Mariel are both busy in their work that’s why they decided to hire housemaids that will help them in taking care of their two children, Maria Isabelle, and Maria Gabriela. Mariel is really a hands-on mother to her two children, however, she still needed help in taking care of the two.

The celebrity couple really appreciated the hard work of their housemaids to them. There are times that both of them are giving them a bouquet of flowers as a gift to thank them.

Isabelle Daza
Isabelle Daza grew up in the care of her Yaya Luning. And now that she was already married and had a child, Yaya Luning is still on her side. Yaya Luning is the one who is taking care now of her child, Baltie while the actress is busy with her work.

In an interview with Boy Abunda, Isabelle stated that she gives her housemaids the proper benefits. Aside from that, the actress is also encouraging them to save up money through the use of a passbook.

Kris Aquino
We can’t deny that Kris is one of the personalities who are really close to her housemaids. The actress is often busy with her work and business that’s why her time wasn’t enough to take care of her children. That’s why she decided to hire housemaids for Joshua and Bimby. Her eldest son, Joshua has a condition that needed to give attention, so Kris can’t do all her responsibilities alone.

Kris also treated her housemaids as a part of the family. In fact, she helped her housemaid named Bincai Luntayao to build a house. The construction and the materials in the house were shouldered by the actress.

Cheska and Doug Kramer
Cheska and Doug are hands-on parents on their three children namely, Kendra, Scarlett, and Gavin. But there are still times that the couple is busy with work and other business. That’s why they hire housemaids that will help them in the household chores and taking care of their children.

We can see how the Kramer family treated their housemaids as a part of the family. They even build a lounge area for the housemaids where they can rest comfortably.

KC Concepcion
Actress KC Concepcion seems to follow the footsteps of her mother, Sharon Cuneta on being close to the housemaids. Sharon grew up with Yaya Luring while KC grew up with Yaya Lina who never leaves her side even though she is already grown up. KC treated Yaya Lina as her second mother. KC even gave Yaya Lina a house and lot in the year 2018 to show her gratitude to Yaya Lina who sacrifices herself just to take care of her.

What can you say about this? How do you treat your house helpers? Did you treat them as your family members? Do you know other celebrities that treated their house helpers like a family member? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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