Kilalanin Ang Pinoy Na Laging Binabasted, May Nakatuluyan Na Sobrang Gandang Lithuanian

Almost all of us are wanted to find a love that never gets tired of us and will love us unconditionally. We all wanted to have someone in our life who will love us completely, accepts us for who we are and what we are in the past, and is willing to give the rest of their lives with us forever. That’s why we do our best to keep our relationships healthy and to make sure that we take care of our loved ones.

The story of this couple brought an extreme kilig to the netizens because of their exceptional love story.

From his previous heartbreaks, Eugene Galang, a Filipino, felt so depressed and hopeless that he cried almost every night because he was always busted by the women he court before. That time, he was looking for someone to speak to when he happened to saw Vikachcka Chaya Radaviciute, a Lithuanian, and talked to her on Instagram.

The two continued talking until they started having video calls almost every day. And before they knew it, they slowly fell in love with each other. The love story of Vika and Eugene was first seen on their YouTube account, where they documented the first time they met each other after a year of celebrating a long-distance relationship.

Many people showed support and expressed their happiness over the relationship of the two while some of them accused Eugene, saying the latter was only after Vika’s money. But then, Vika proved to everyone how Eugene loves her so much, took care of her well, and not even let her spend any single money during her visit to the Philippines.

Vika also loved the family of Eugene so much as they were very accomodating and makes her feel that she is welcome to the family. Vika decided to go back to the Philippines to stay here for good after she went back to Europe so she can be with Eugene and his family.

Right now, the two are happy and still in love with each other. They are busy handling their successful YouTube channel.

Vika and Eugene recently celebrated their 3rd year anniversary as a couple which they also documented on their vlog on how they celebrate it.

What can you say about this? Do you like their love story? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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