Kilalanin Ang Sikat Na Artista Na Pinasok Ang Online Business At Siya Pa Ang Delivery Boy

Former PBB housemate Marco Gallo has now entered online business but with a twist.

In his interview with, Marco admitted that the quarantine period prompted him to turned his passion for baking pastries and cake into a real investment.

As of now, they only sell Oreo box cakes. His business is really in demand, especially that Marco is the one who personally delivers all the orders from the customers.

The young actor also explained how his business, Kitchenamore started.

He said,

“Everything started when I was sitting on my couch, and I was really bored because I think I’ve done everything I could during this quarantine.”

“I was chatting with a friend and we started thinking to make cakes just out of fun and not as a business.

“That’s one of the reasons why it’s really cheap, because I didn’t want to make money out of it. I just wanted to have a hobby for the meantime!”

Marco said that his mother was the one who teaches him how to make the Oreo Box Cake, which costs 250 pesos only. The actor further added that he is happy to see the improvement, not just on his business but also to himself. He said that he used to be so slow on baking a cake. In fact, he would take almost an hour just to finish one cake when Kitchenamore was just starting.

But the Filipino-Italian celebrity got used to baking the cake as the orders keep increasing day by day. He can now able to bake four cakes in just half an hour. He sells around 15 to 20 cakes every day.

“It’s a profitable business, but you really need good marketing and promotion.”

When Marco was asked about the reaction of the customer when he brings the yummy cake to them, he replied,

“Natutuwa naman sila.”

“Usually they wouldn’t expect it, but I’m trying to do something different because the motto of my small business is ‘food made with love.’

He added,

“I wanted to bring something made with love, that’s why I personally deliver their orders, straight to them with love.”

What can you say about this? Do you admire his perseverance and determination in his online business? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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