Kapatid Ni Daniel Padilla Na Babae Na Sa Magui Ay Agaw Atensyon Ngayon Sa Social Media

For some people who didn’t know, the Teen King, Daniel Padilla has three younger half-siblings on his mother’s side. Margaret Ford Planas is one of them who was the daughter of Karla Estrada from the former councilor of Quezon City, Mike Planas who is now her former partner.


Margaret Ford Planas looks like she also has an excellent possibility to join the entertainment industry. She could become one of the stars in the future with her sensational appeal and beautiful face. In truth, Magui already had her own supporters called “Maguinatics” in spite of not being in the spotlight.

The 16-year-old daughter of Momshie Karla is certainly beautiful and her Instagram feed as evidence. She also can pass as the next teen queen with her pretty face and rosy skin. Magui also has passion and love in fashion.

Magui is also a member of the volleyball varsity team at her school in spite of her having a fresh and gentle look. She also has been touring in many countries at a young age.

And lately, she uploaded her Korea tour on her Instagram account. A lot of the people said that she looks like a Korean actress because of her features.

Furthermore, Magui is also a fan of Korean drama and Kpop. It is visible in how she dresses like most Korean celebrities and how she captions a few of her pictures in Hangeul (Korean alphabet). She admits that Park Chanyeol of EXO which is a K-pop boy group is her ultimate bias.

However, it looks like Magui and her siblings have a healthy relationship in spite of having different daddies. And it is evident in the pictures that they were posting in their social media accounts.

Magui, on the other hand, was still focusing on her studies and some extracurricular activities presently. But there is still a chance that she might enter the showbiz industry.

Is there an opportunity for Magui when she joined in the showbiz industry, of course, her fame and soar to stardom are waiting for her.

What are your thoughts about the half-sister of Daniel Padilla? Do you believe that she has the chance and opportunity to be one of the celebrities someday? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.

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