Korina Sanchez, Inamin Na Minsan Siyang Niligawan Ng Leading Man Ni Thalia Sa ‘Rosalinda’

“Niligawan ako.”
This was Korina Sanchez’s revelation about Venezuelan actor Fernando Carillo when TV and film writer G3 San Diego asked if the rumors that the latter courted her before were true.

In the online sow of G3, Korina and G3 talked a lot of things including her colorful career in broadcasting, her motherhood with her children Pepe and Pilar, and her marriage to a former Senator and Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) Secretary Mar Roxas.

Korina’s love life was also discussed where the veteran journalist quickly said that she has not had an actor boyfriend yet.

But G3 couldn’t help but asked the 55-year-old TV host regarding the much-talked-about topic about her for a long time now: Did she and the famous actor Fernando Carillo really became a couple?

Korina admitted,

“Niligawan ako.”

But Korina clarified that the two of them were only in the dating stage at that time.

She said,

“We dated, pero walang nangyari doon. None.”

She added,

“Natakot ako. We had a date. And at the end of that date, nagkakaripas ako ng takbo papasok ng kotse ko to leave. Na-tense ako eh.”

Korina did not give any further details about her reason why she escapes from Fernando.

Fernando Carillo played a role as Thalia’s love team in the series “Rosalinda” that was aired in the Philippines in 2000.

It was during this time that Fernando and Korina’s paths first met. In 2012, the two of them crossed paths again when Fernando was a guest on various ABS-CBN programs during his visit to the Philippines.

Korina shared,

“He went back to the Philippines and he went to DZMM and said ‘Do you remember that night when you ran away from me? And now you’re married, so what now?’”

Korina did not deny how good-looking, sweet, and kind Fernando is.

“Fernando is a darling. But you have to be ready for him. He’s a very passionate guy. He’s ready for whoever is available. Super guwapo, super cute, super sweet.”

During Fernando’s interview with Boy Abunda at Bandila, Fernando talked about his visit to the show of a veteran broadcast journalist who was married to Mar Roxas then for more than three years.

Fernando shared,

“She asked me the same question. She told me ‘Why have you been away for so long?’ I said ‘I was allowing you to grow up and mature, but now you’re married, Korina!’”

Though they didn’t end up together, Fernando is still happy for Korina.

He said,

“Our timing is bad. But I’m very happy for her. She looks amazing.”

What can you say about this? Do you believe that Fernando Carillo court Korina Sanchez? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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