Korina Sanchez, pinakita ang napakaganda nilang tahanan at nagbigay ng saya naman ang kanilang kambal na anak

Having children in the family can really give joy and happiness in the house. Kids are the ones who can wash away the tiredness and stress that we are feeling. They are really bundles of joy that can make everyone happy with just their charm and adorable face.

No wonder why Korina Sanchez and Mar Roxas are really happy when Pepe and Pillar came to their lives. Their house also filled with joy because of their twins. Every part of the house is filled with the happiness that the twins bring.

The twin’s Pilar (Pilar Judith Celia Esther Korina Sanchez Roxas) and Pepe (Pepe Ramon Gerardo Manuel Denzel Sanchez Roxas) was born in America on February 12, 2019. If we can recall, the prominent couple brings the twins in the Philippines on April 1, 2019.

Meanwhile, Korina Sanchez shared a peek of their house that is now filled with happiness because of the twins.

Korina’s house is located at the Araneta-Roxas compound in Cubao, Quezon City. The said compound was called ‘Bahay na Puti’ where the two-story house of the prominent is located. But the property was used to be the bachelor’s pad of Mar and his late brother, Dinggoy.

Korina rarely going out in their house, that’s why the couple decided to use the 1st floor in the house as a meeting area of the broadcasting journalist. The first floor is big and spacious which is really perfect for Korina. Aside from that, she can also get relax by seeing the amazing view in their garden. While the second floor of the house was filled with the furniture of the house. This is also the area where the twins usually spend time.


Korina’s office serves as a living and dining area of the house. This is the place where they often welcomed the guests. She also doesn’t allow her guests or anyone to touch the furniture in the house because she didn’t believe in Feng Shui.

Twin’s Nursery

The nursery room of the room is just got renovated this year. Korina and Mar decided to put a veranda in the room so the twins can see the beautiful view outside. The wall is painted in a neutral color. It is also filled with different kinds of things for girls and boys. But it can be noticed that the things of Pilar are many compared to Pepe. Korina is also practical when it comes to the things of the twins. As a matter of fact, she even buys a Gap, a brand of clothes, and Pittsburgh while the two brands were still on 40% sale. Even her husband, Mar is also frugal and has a disciplined on using the money. He also loves to recycle things.


The library area on the house can be compared to a bookstore because a lot of books can be seen in the area. This is the area where the interviews and photoshoots are held. There is also some old book in the library, including the 1st Edition of the book that was written by Gerry Roxas, the father of Mar.

It can be seen some masterpiece hangs on the wall, including the framed artwork of worn-out slippers. According to Korina, this masterpiece came from the children who received slippers in ABS-CBN’s program, Rated K. Korina added that they are selling framed-slippers which is worth Php25,000 each.

What can you say about this? Do you admire the beautiful house and twins of Korina and Mar Roxas? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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