Kris Bernal, Nagsalita Na Tungkol Sa Pagkakawala Ng Kanyang Instagram Account

In this advancement of communication, and technology, many people were v1ctim of hacking in their social media accounts especially the celebrities and other prominent people in the world.

We should be vigilant and aware of the modus of the hackers on how they deceive people just to hack the social accounts especially the celebrities.

This happened to one of the celebrities in the country. The one that became the v1ctim of hacking is no other than the Kapuso Star Kris Bernal.

She reveals her mistakes that cause her Instagram account has been hacked by the irresponsible hacker.

Fortunately, after some time, it is good to know that her Instagram account has been recovered. And she is very thankful to all the people who help her to recover her precious social media account.

The Kapuso star posted her gratitude upon the recovery of her Instagram account on her Instagram page and she reveals how the culprit hacks her social media account.

She reveals the modus of the crook hacker in an Interview in the GMA News her mistakes and that was the reason why her Instagram account was hacked by the culprit.

She said in the interview by the Kapuso News Program.

“May copyright infringement daw ako so parang I have to report to them, parang I have to click this link… Nung nakita ko from Instagram, sabi ko, Akala ko legit.”

Kris Bernal added that she thinks that it was a legitimate message from Instagram and without any hesitation, she clicks the link and types her email address and password logging into the link given to her.

“Doon na nagsimula na may lumalaban na… d’un sa password ‘di ko na ma-log in.”

Because of her bad experience regarding the hacking of her Instagram account, she advises all the netizens to be aware and vigilant of their passwords, email and two-factor authentication.

“Gamitin niyo ‘yung two-factor na authentication ng mga accounts ninyo kasi dahil d’un hindi na ‘ko napasok at all ng hacker.”

The Kapuso star also shared that she did not yet recover her Twitter and personal email account from the hacker.

What can you say about this? Are you aware and vigilant regarding the modus of the hacker towards social media accounts? Do you use two-factor authentication on your email accounts as well as your passwords and social media accounts? Kindly share your comments, thoughts, and reactions with us.


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I want to take a moment to thank all the people who tried to help me, suggested experts to contact, gave encouraging words, and even those who tried to fight the hacker. There are people who messaged the hacker even if it’s risking danger upon them as well, random people who were also willing to pay the hacker. I also appreciate my celebrity friends who tried to reach out. And of course, to my home network, GMA, for all the help. Without GMA’s immediate actions, I wouldn’t be speaking with you guys anymore here. There will be no chance I can get what I have lost. Because of this incident, I did realize how important and appreciated I am to some people. I go by my day everyday not seeing how I truly matter to the people around me. And I am really grateful for all of this support. 🙏🏼 (2/3) *to be continued*

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