Liham ng isang COVID-19 na Pasyente, Ibinahagi ng isa sa mga Frontliners na Nag-alaga sa Kanya

The frontliners especially the doctors and nurses encountered various struggles and heartbreaking stories regarding their patients. here is a story that will surely break your heart upon reading this.

A frontliners doctor shared the letter of a COVID-19 patient on a ventilator for 19 days. According to the letter personally penned by the patient, he had lost faith and just wanted to give up. However, the frontliners did not give up who took care of him and finally had the hose removed on his 20th day. The frontliners for the patient received applause and cheers from the social media user.

Many were touched by the letter of a patient inf3cted with COVID-19 shared by a frontliners doctor. In a Facebook post by social media user Heidi Cecilio, a letter of the patient urging the doctor just to let him go and rest and peace.

Despite the patient’s hopelessness, the frontliners, including Cardinal Santos Hospital’s Pulmonary, IDS, Nephro, Cardio and Anesthesia team, did not give up for him. The patient had been on the ventilator for 19 days and had lost hope and faith that he would recover. But through the efforts of doctors and other frontliners, the tube was removed from him on the 20th day.

This was the letter of the hop[eless patient to the modern hero frontliners.

“Dra, pls let me go. I can’t take it longer, just let me die peacefully with my kids,”

Currently, the post has reached over 1,800 shares. Many expressed their gratitude to the frontliners that despite the danger they continued their work and duty.

“Some people wont give up on you,so dont give up on YOU also”

“To the team and all frontliner doctors in the philippines you deserve all of GOD’s protection! Alam ko ang pagod nyo sa araw araw. MARAMING SALAMAT”

“Thank you for not giving up, frontliners!”

If we recall it was more than 100 frontliners affected by the f4tal COVID-19 crisis.

What can you say about this? Do you appreciate the efforts and courage of the frontliners? Do you believe that it will be overcome immediately in the country? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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