Ginupit Ng Isang Estudyante Ang Lumang Bente Pesos Para Sa Kanyang Assignment

Certainly, when we were in elementary school we experienced having assignments in which we study the history of the Philippines. And for the students to get to know them better, their teacher is looking for pictures of them.

Since computers, printers, and the internet are not yet available, we still look at old magazines, newspapers, books or postcards just to get our assignment done. However, a student went viral by the unique picture he had posted in his notebook.

In a Facebook post by netizen Ombee Piñero, she shared the cutout of his students for their assignment. He was given an assignment where they had to cut a picture of former President Manuel L. Quezon.

But instead of pictures from the books, newspapers or postcards, the teacher stunned him as he cut a picture of the former President in an old twenty pesos bill.

When it comes to money like this the so-called ‘Old Generation Series’ has been demonetized and has lost its value since the Central Bank of the Philippines has changed the design of the new currency.

The student may have thought that he could not be able to buy the old twenty pesos bill so that he would just cut and paste as homework so that he could have an assignment.

A netizen jokes that in case you do not have a printer in the house you may be able to pay more or less twenty pesos in case he prints a picture outside.

The teacher and other netizens were so impressed with the child’s trick that when it was posted it went viral.

But it is just a reminder of the Central Bank of the Philippines it is prohibited to fold, cut, write, burn or destroy Philippine currency. It is punishable by law and can be fined up to Php 20k or impris0nment for not more than five years.

What can you say about this? Are you impressed with the way the student did for his assignment? Do you think that parents are responsible for this? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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