Magkasintahan Na 44 Taon Ang Agwat Ng Edad, 20 Years Ng Nagsasabi

We have often heard the term ‘age doesn’t matter’ in the matter of love, but many still raise eyebrows when they look at the couple with a huge age gap especially when the woman is older than the man. One of the things people often think of is that younger people took advantage of money or wealth on their older relationships but of course this is not the case at all.

Such judgment is exactly what the couples Renato Payos and Eloisa Gonzales now experience at 52 and 96. The couple met two decades ago when Eloisa was selling vegetables.

Renato was a businessman and Eloisa once sold him goods and since then he was waiting for it daily to buy all her goods so she could return home early. They soon found comfortable with each other and decided to live together in one roof.

Renato’s family disagreed with his decision and they questioned him as to why all of the women he could marry were Eloisa who was chosen almost as his grandmother. But all of this has been ignored by Renato and he has grown to love Eloisa because of this he is truly happy.

Many say that usually when the woman is older in the relationship, the man only loves her wealth and money but this is not true in both cases because Eloisa is not rich either. It is not uncommon for the couple to prove their love to be true, especially now that Eloisa is very old.

Renato, who has been doing almost every household chores for his partner since her age is 96, is also very weak so every day he is taking care of it and all her needs as well as feeding. He also often goes around and always accompanies it, sometimes even sings it to become happy.

No matter how many people reacted, who heard about their story one was certain, no one could hinder the love and relationship between Renato and Eloisa.

What can you say about this? Does your partner in life is older than you? Do you prefer a partner or spouse to have a huge age gap than you? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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