Reaksyon Ng Netizens Nang Makita Ang Mala Donyang Buhay Ni Yaya Moi Bien Na Personal Assistant Ni Piolo Pascual

Moi Bien is one of Big Brother’s housemates in his home and for your information, she has been Papa P’s or Piolo Pascual’s ‘Personal Assistant’ for 18 years.

It is undeniable that Piolo Pascual is very popular and admired, not only for his excellent acting, singing and being a director. He has starred in many movies and television shows that his fans have strongly supported.

This 42-year-old actor is said to be one of the professional actors of today. But, is he the same on television? What is it like he treated Moi Bien as his Personal Assistant?

If you look at these pictures you can’t hide the closeness of the two. Moi Marcampo or better known as Moi Bien worked as a Personal Assistant to Papa P. And his son Inigo Pascual also came close to her.

They even have a video clip of Moi Bien tickling by Papa P and Iñigo. For Piolo Pascual, Moi Bien was not only a Personal Assistant but considered him a true family member. Piolo’s fans are envious of the closeness of the two.

From eating breakfast, lunch and dinner and all that matters to Piolo, Moi Bien is by his side. It was for Moi’s that he had returned all or any of the actor’s kindness to her, so Moi also regarded Piolo as a true and loyal friend, ally and protector.

Some say, “Sana all”. Such relationships as employees and employers should serve as an example to all.

What can you say about this? Are you envious of their employee and employer’s relationship? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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