Isang Mangingisda Na Naglalakad Sa Dalampasigan Nakakita Ng 26 Milyon Pesos Halaga Ng Suka Ng Balyena

A fisherman named Jumrus Thiachot, 55 years old, discovered a whale vomit along the coast of Thailand. The fisherman doesn’t know what he finds that could change their lives.

There are many blessings we should be thankful for on a daily basis, even for eating out of every job we perform. Who would have thought that this fisherman would have found over 26 million pesos worth of unknown treasure!

The said whale had vomited was discovered by the allegedly an “Ambergris”. What is ambergris? Ambergris is a precious stone-like thing used in the manufacture of perfume.

A popular brand of Chanel perfumes is using it in their product, to make the perfume last for many days.

This ambergris is a type of whale muscle in which it digests every food it ingests. It is often found on the beach after it and is vomited by whales.

The Surat Thani provincial governor Witchawuth Jinto confirmed that it is in the 80% ambergris. So they reminded Jumrus to think carefully about what he found because it was at a great amount of money.

Previously a certain Filipino fisherman in Camarines Sur who has allegedly discovered an Ambergris which was featured on the Kapuso network magazine show ‘Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho’.

Unfortunately, the said the precious stone-like thing was prohibited to sell due to the law imposed by the government. based on the Republic Act no. 9147 “Wildlife Resources and Protection Act’ and the Revised Philippine Fisheries Code.

What can you say about this? Are you looking for this kind of stuff whenever you were roaming around the beach or seashore? What will you do if you found this stuff? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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