Iñigo Pascual, Pinuna ng Fans ni Maris Racal Dahil sa Pagtatanggol Nito Kay Kathryn Bernardo

Maris Racal’s fans directly castigate the former love team, Iñigo Pascual. Followed defending Kapamilya superstar Kathryn Bernardo by Iñigo. Iñigo defends Kathryn against the actress’s bashers and critics.

Kathryn has been mob by the bashers after talking about the ABS-CBN shutdown. In an Instagram post on May 13, 2020 Kathryn asserted that with the closure of the network, many Filipinos were deprived of valuable information and entertainment.

But instead of the shutdown issue being the center of criticism for Kathryn, the bashers ‘focus was on the actress’s leg. In fact, #SakangSiKathryn is trending this Saturday, May 16, 2020. But Kathryn Bernardo shrugged and laughed at the bashing on her.

In contrast, Kathryn’s reaction to Iñigo’s reaction. Outraged was felt at the singer-actor’s tweet last Saturday. Kathryn and Iñigo are friends. Iñigo asked the bashers, what would be their effect on trending the hashtag against the actress? It’s good and Kathryn is “very successful,” compared to the bashers.

Iñigo’s Tweet:
“wtf is wrong with people making a trend about Kath like that?”
“may nakuha ba kayo sa ginagawa nyo.”
“At least Kath is very successful…”

Many fans of Kathryn were pleased with Iñigo’s defense for the box-office star. But Iñigo’s tweet didn’t go well for some Twitter followers. The fan’s reply was confronting to “MarNigo” love team.

Why was it that when Maris was bashed by the bashers, Iñigo couldn’t even defend his former love team? Hopefully Iñigo will defend Maris as well, just as the young man is now defending Kathryn. It seems that Iñigo overlooks the couple of years that Maris spent as love-team partners.

According to one netizen, compared to Kathryn’s current situation, Maris had a much worse situation. Maris then needed Iñigo’s sympathy, rather than the young man’s defense of Kathryn. Iñigo did not respond to any of his Twitter followers.

What can you say about this? Do you think that Iñigo should not seriously defend Kathryn from the bashers? Do you think that Kathryn has a special portion in the heart of Iñigo Pascual? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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