Isang Dalaga Ang Napilitang Magtrabaho Sa Bahay Aliwan, Ngunit Hindi Niya Inaakala Na Makikilala Niya Ang Lalaking Ito

It’s been a year since Lala left for Manila. She was also unable to finish high school because they had a very difficult life in the province. So even though she was nervous she had the courage to venture out here.

She also couldn’t be bothered to say that because her family would not be eating too much. She tried to get somewhere but nothing, eh. Seven siblings had hoped for her and could not meet the demands she had earned so much that her heart ached, and she agreed to work in a beerhouse.

She was crying on the first night when someone took her out. She felt so filthy. She only gets closed her eyes every time other men touch her. She insisted that she needed to be strong because she had a family to raise and support.

“How old are you, baby girl?”

Asked a customer.

“25, handsome,” Lala repeated. In fact, she was only 22 years old. She just laughed when the man suddenly fell down because of intox1cation. She motioned to their floor manager.

“Well, that’s bad. Did you even get a tip before he fell down? ”

The woman asked him.

Lala shook her head. His brother still has a project that needs to be paid by Monday. Her face brightened when she heard that there was another vacant customer.

He slowly turned her head to what the floor manager was referring to and was amazed. So handsome!

“Momshie, isn’t that a minor?” Lala asked. It’s as young as a man can see.

“Hey, don’t ask me. But I’m sure that won’t admit either. If I were with you, you would accept him. It looks rich. hello, he’s yummy! ”

The woman shook her head.

Lala hid the redness of the cheek and raised her face to the young man.

“Hi, why are you alone, eh, your handsome?”

She repeated. That has always paid off to customers but this time around that question came to his heart.

“Actually, it’s my first time here. What, my God, this is so embarrassing. But I want to have as much experience as possible. ”

Said the young man.

Lala smiled. “Why how old are you?”

“19,” the young man answered straight away.

Ah, she couldn’t have been jailed for a chance. My God, does it know that it doesn’t need to go to the beerhouses anymore? Surely he could not believe that any woman would wrestle with his handsomeness.

Moments later, the two of them drove their car to a hotel.

The man is obviously innocent because he has been bed-restless even when Lala is about to undress. She came and kissed it.

The young man became passionate and fight back her kiss. So much so that it has been taken amazed.

Lala smiled.

“Baby, just kiss. There is no eating the face. ”

She joked. The young man seemed embarrassed so calm down a bit.

That night she caught the young man’s virg1nity. For the first time, she did the job without crying. Her smile was even bigger.

Every night Layla came back to the young man who she knew was named Matt.

Lala did not want to admit it and knew that it was tab0o for her to fall for the young man. The moon blows, yes, but can she control his heart? So one morning as they were just finishing the heat in the cold night she whispered it.

“I think I love you.”

Lala felt the man’s body stiffen. It did not answer. For the first time, Lala had to admit that her love was going nowhere but that the pain was still happening. She had already learned to cry. And the next day, as expected, the young man was gone by her side.

Some would jump in bed. When Lala counted, she smiled bitterly. That’s three times what he always paid her. For what? Consulate of breaking his heart?

Three years later.

Lala glanced at herself in the mirror. She made sure to get her makeup done before coming out. It’s still early. At ten o’clock the mall is open.

Ever since Matt left her, she has never been able to join another customer. Her siblings were fortunate enough to be a scholar and her parents had a livelihood in the province. Even so, she was still a saleslady because he was studying for herself.

She was about to open the door of her rented apartment when he heard some knock there.

“Hey, who is that? I’m leaving … ”Lala was shocked to see who was standing in front of her.

Its age has increased over the years but is even more handsome. More mature, more masculine. Shoulder expands and has a mustache.


“What are you doing here?”

Asked Lala. The man didn’t budge anymore.

“I am sorry. I am sorry for my sudden loss. ”

The girl’s eyes widened. She did not want to know that she was affected until now.

“That’s nothing.”

“Sorry, Lala. I’m confused. Because I was young and my intention was just to get married, right? When you confessed your love I was struck by lightning because I realized that I was too. I love you too. That’s not a game for you. That’s why I’m not coming back to you because my body needs you if my heart doesn’t need you, ”

Matt confessed.

It seemed like Lala’s heart was pounding but she was scared.

“A long time has passed, Matt, why now?”

“I’m rich. I’ve been on the ship for a long time. I persevered and worked hard to get back as I grew up. But sad, Layla. I’m almost mad when I think you have a customer and… My God! So I made my way. I pretend to be giving scholarships to help your family. Hope, Layla, at least that will be enough proof that my love is real, ”

The man explained.

Lala smiled as tears streamed down her eyes.

The funny thing is that the man didn’t force her. She patiently avoided it. It doesn’t really matter to her past because all women, especially she deserve to be respected.

Matt waited until Lala answered him. They had been in a year as a couple.

Some time passed and Lala graduated college. She was doubly happy that same day Matth proposes a wedding.

Always remember that love is simply not the fault of the past. Always giving, always understanding.

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