Isang Matandang Namamalimos Na Magaling Mag-english, Dati Palang Professor Sa UP At Ateneo

If you encountered a beggar, would you help him or her have a big heart to share your blessings? Will you give her something to eat or a penny to relieve their hunger and thirst?

Perhaps there are more people nowadays that we pass on the beggars? Or we could just say b4d words or push them away from us. But, what if the beggar is better than our in speaking English? Let’s find out this story.

Before she entered the fast-food store she saw a man begging and asking for food. She was not surprised by his physical condition, but he was able to speak English fluently.

The concerned netizen Faye welcomed the man and offered her food. When the meal arrived, the two of them talked to each other. Faye discovered that the man she was talking to was Mr. Jansen Locson, 70 years old and a graduate of Ateneo De Manila and a former professor of UP and Ateneo.

There is no doubt that he is a professor because he is fluent in English. He said he had a business trip to Cebu and it didn’t turn out to be so good that it resulted in his state losing his financial life.

After they ate, Faye gave him a hundred pesos (100 pesos) to Prof Jansen. However, Sir Jansen rejected it because he was not asking for money, he was only asking for food because he was hungry. Instead, Faye gave it back and Sir Jansen did nothing and accepted it to buy food and water.

Sir Jansen is very grateful to Faye and even asked for Faye’s number to say thank you again. May Ms. Faye be blessed by the Almighty God for what she had done to the beggar with her utmost kindness. She may serve as a good example of this generation.

What can you say about this? Do you have a big heart helping and sharing your blessings with the needy people? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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