Matteo Guidicelli, Nakatanggap Ng Iba’t Ibang Komento Matapos Mapanood Ang Kanyang Unboxing Video

Kapamilya actor Matteo Guidicelli received several negative criticisms from the netizens because of his first-ever unboxing video.

In the recent YouTube vlog, the actor shared that he gets a Playstation when he was still a kid but unable to buy one for himself again ever since then. However, he manages to buy a PS4 for his brother and he loves it. He then encourages his brother to also buy one.

In the first part of the video, Matteo cleared that he didn’t know how to do unboxing videos. When he opened the PS4, he first tore the outer sleeve of the PS4 box. After that, he only reads the instructions that the box is needed for the warranty of the said gaming console.

Even though the actor already apologized for the public, many netizens still can’t get over for his careless action doing the unboxing of PS4. Not only that, but netizens also criticized the behavior of Matteo, saying that he seems unhappy and mad while unboxing the said gaming console.

Here are some comments from the netizens:

” This is how rich people do unboxing, doesn’t care about the warranty.”

“I don’t know if he’s trying to just throw everything away or it’s just him naturally.”

“The way he put everything down on his table, the way he handled that thing (not a pro gamer but I love unboxing videos) gave me anxiety attacks. Feeling ko galit siya. That’s why I didn’t continue watching it. End this and go to unboxing video ni Bitoy. It’s much better.”

“But whatever it is, slamming and throwing everything looks like Sarah is in trouble. He looked so arrogant and priviliged.”

“Matteo being questioned if he’s good enough to Sarah just because he doesn’t know how to unbox. Lol. That doesn’t sound fair.”

In the video, the actor thanked the Playstation Asia, the company that sends him the PS4.

Meanwhile, the actor already admitted his mistake and apologized for what he has done as he still didn’t know how unboxing works.

What can you say about this? Do you admire his humility and accepting his mistakes? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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