Mensahe Ng Doktorang Anak Ni Jose Manalo Sobrang Nagpaiyak Sa Komedyante

Jose Manalo is known as one of the most famous and excellent comedians in the Philippines. His sense of humor is undeniable as it has been his key to his success.

Aside from being a famous actor and comedian he still has a very important role to play, it is being a father to his children.

Did you know that he has five children? Yes, he has five children from his first wife, and two of them are stars on the Kapamilya Network.

His medical doctor’s daughter is a resident surgeon at a Manila hospital. It was where she shared a very heartwarming message for her father that she had been very much missed.

Here is her message she shared on her Instagram account @mykimanalo.

“ I remember this one time back in college when I had personal problems and I was being particularly difficult. I didn’t attend all my classes one day, even missed an exam, and you caught me. Surprisingly, you didn’t get mad. You were unusually calm. You picked me up from where I was, brought me to an ice cream place near DLSU and just remained quiet. Eventually, I cried so hard. I couldn’t stop. You just hugged me. We stayed like that for a long while. No words were needed. You understood me. You always stood by my side. Your mere presence was enough to get me through. I yearn for it daily. I miss you, daddy. Please keep yourself healthy and happy. Happy father’s day! ”


Many netizens are emotionally touched by his daughter’s message. Who would have thought that as long as he was busy with his work he would never forget to spend time with his children, especially when he was needed by his family?

What can you say about this? Do you admire how Jose Manalo laved his family? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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