Isang Ina Ang Humiling Sa Kanyang Ikaw-80 Kaarawan Sa Labing Dalawa Niyang Anak, Ngunit Walang Sino Man Kahit Isa Ang Tumupad Sa Gusto Ng Kanilang Nanay

Not only was Lina twice as hard as she was giving birth when there were but a dozen hardships and difficulties.

“Mom, why do we have so many siblings? I was in high school but we had a baby. How long will it take for you to stop having a baby? ”

Asked Jana, the girl’s fourteen-year-old daughter.

“I was o be ligated, so Pina is really our youngest. Don’t get mad at me, when you get married you’ll understand me too. When you love each other too much, the system really does have children, ”

Lina told the elder.

“Mom, that does not love anymore! Our lives are out of control, and you can see that we have almost nothing to eat, ”

Jana told her mother.

“Don’t tell me any more, I know you’re the oldest but remember, I’m still your mom,”

Lina said and then released her breast and nursed the youngest child.

At the age of 30, they had a dozen children together with his wife, Mandy. She loved the man so much, so even though she was only 15 years old she was dating him.

Their family occupation and source of living was farming and Lina was having a hard time with her husband but she is happy with him.

Until it was struck by malaria that k1lled husband’s lives. So in a single moment, Lina and her children changed their lives.

Laundering and ironing clothes of her neighbors. Fetching water, selling to the town, clearing nails and even packing coals on the table Lina also provided for the education of the children.

At least two of them managed to finish it in high school by themselves. She is also grateful for the children who are already helping their families with their financial needs.

“Kids, be patient if you finish high school. I can’t really afford you in college anymore, ”

Lina told the children sadly.

“Mom, don’t emote it. Because we’ll be back in two years. We’re just going to work for us, too, ”

Jana replied.

“Be careful there children, I’ll miss you,”

Lina burst into tears and hugged her two children Jana and Jean

The two got a job abroad and although it was difficult to be away from family, they preferred to take a different path because their life situation was too difficult. Especially when someone in their family is sick, they are in debt to this extent.

Following the departure of Lina’s children, the five went to Manila to work. Others had their own families until the day she left home alone.

“Alas, daughter, you visit me here once in the province,”

Aling Lina said to her youngest daughter, Pina, who now has a child.

“Mom, it’s only next month when Elder sister Jane returns from Kuwait,” Pina replied.

“My sisters and I also intend to be together again on this birthday,” She said.

Since Lina’s children have grown up and had jobs, she has been left in the province until now, growing old and having a bad knee. It was so difficult to stand up that she needed to be with another person at home.

“This is the happiest day of my life, now I see you again,” Aling Lina told her children.

Her children decided to have a little party today as the 80th birthday of their mother

“Mom, we’re so sorry. You know we have families so we can’t visit you again, ”

Said Ruben, the sixth child.

“In fact, it’s because you’re all here again. I would like to ask that I just take you with me because I can’t do it alone, ”
Aling Lina said.

“Mom, we have a small house and it will be crowded when you add more,”

Jane, the eldest, said quickly.

“It’s also with us Ma, we’re just living with my mother-in-law so I can’t take you there,”

said Jean, another daughter.

“Don’t give my mom to me, I’ll just stay in my job and I’ll be alone in bed. At home we were with my wife’s mother so tight, ”Pina said quickly. This is because she is the youngest and she may betake the responsibility.

“E if you just stay here? It’s a big ‘home,’ the mother smiled.

“Mom, I’m sorry but my husband and I can’t work in Manila and I can’t just leave it because the kids are studying,”

Replied Cristina’s the seventh child.

She must have heard all the children and their own reasons why they could not leave them with her.

“All right, don’t fight anymore. I can do it alone, ”

Said Aling Lina.

“There are a dozen of you that I have cared for but even if one of you doesn’t want to take care of me, I might not be a good mother to you,”

“But it’s okay ‘I’m just here, some neighbors are looking at me. I do not want your life to end or your burden, sorry with what I have said, ”

Aling Lina added.

The children were silent for a moment and everyone was staring. They were apparently struck by what they heard from their mother and were deeply hurt by the words she spoke. They didn’t eat anymore and just stooped down, while Aling Lina was waiting for someone to speak to them but she seemed to be waiting for nothing.

She was the one who slowly got up and left, shedding her tears and feeling her chest aching.

“I’m sorry,”

Jana said as her other siblings followed and they quickly embraced the old woman.

“We forgot about you because we were so worried about our lives. We all forgot about your sacrifice when we were young and even now, you haven’t been a bad mother. You’re the greatest mom in the world, ”

Pina said.

“I don’t need to live a good life my children, I just want to be with you, especially in the last moments of my life. I’m not going to eat much anymore and I don’t need to spend any more. If there’s anything you need to put together, that’s my fun3ral. I never really made any money in that last phase of my life, ”

The elder tearfully said.

Her children stopped talking and she just hugged them all. The siblings are now planning how to be with Aling Lina’s guard. Sometimes it is in Manila and the children stay with each child for one month. Aling Lina likes it even more so that she can be with all the grandchildren and see what life her children are facing now.

When Aling Lina live with all of her children’s home she was gone. Her children knew that their mother was happy even in the last moments of her life.

As children, we will come to a life where self-love, our dreams, and aspirations for life will prevail, but let’s not forget that as we grow older, our parents grow older too. Let us not forget them because even in the last breath of their lives they still have parenting in their heart and mind.

What can you say about this? Do you learn a lesson fro this short story? Do you take care of your other in the old age of her life? Kindly share your thoughts, reactions, and comments with us.

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