Mga Sikat na Celebrities Na Ngayon lang Nalaman Na Magkaka Mag-anak pala

Most of us already know some personal things about our favorite celebrities, like the people whom they dated, the people who became part of their lives, and even their family and relatives. Many of us are just left in shock upon learning that some celebrities are blood-related.

Here’s the list of some celebrities who are blood-related that some of us didn’t know:

The first in the list is Vandolph Quizon, Winwyn Marquez, and Mark Anthony Fernandez. The three of them are siblings and the children of actress, Alma Moreno.

The next in line is the Kapuso actor Bruno Gabriel and Kapuso actress Sofia Andres. They are cousins. However, in the year 2008, there was a rumor broke out that the Kapuso hottie actor was envy to the popularity of his cousin, Sofia. But the actor denied all the allegations.

In fact, he is really proud of every achievement that his cousin accomplished.

The third on the list the Kapamilya actor Bryan Santos and Kapamilya executive Charo Santos. Charo is the aunt of Bryan. If we can recall, Bryan started his popularity when he starred in the ABS-CBN’s television series entitled ‘Princess and I’, La Luna Sangre’, and ‘Immortal’. Many netizens admired him more when he showed his great acting skills in the film ‘Starting Over Again’.

Following them are Antonio Aquitania and Daniel Padilla. Antonio is the cousin of Daniel’s mom, Karla Estrada so Daniel is his nephew.

The fifth on the list is Coco Martin and Maine Mendoza. The two of them turn out to be distant relatives. Coco and Maine just find out that they are blood-related when they met each other in a family reunion.

The last on the list is the Kapuso personalities, Mike Enriquez and Glaiza De Castro. Mike is the uncle of Glaiza.

What can you say about this? Do you know other celebrities who know only nowadays that they were related to each other? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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