Mga Kapatid Ni Mico Palanca Nagbigay Ng Madamdaming Mensahe Para Sa Kanya

It is a tragic situation for a family when one of your family members had pass3d aw4y. Although all of us have it’s own time to leave this world but sometimes the untimely depart of our relatives and family members really a heartbreaking situation for everyone especially when they were at their young age.

The untimely depart of Mico Palanca has surprised the netizens after it was published last December 9, 2019. His family just issued their official statement regarding the tragic events.

His siblings have also given a heartwarming message for the dec3ased actor. the reasons behind his pass1ng away still unconfirmed even though there are rumors of an alleged su1cide have been making many rounds on the internet beginning yesterday.

His pass1ng aw4y spread like a wildfire and become the headlines in the news, social media. It was found out that his brothers and sisters previously posted a heartwarming message for the late actor as they grieved for his early departs at the age of 41.

One of his sisters, Erika Hocson, reminisced how much she looked up to him while she became old. Here is the heartwarming message of Erika she penned.


“I love you. Didn’t say it enough. But I did. I do. So much. I’m so glad I got to tell you how much I looked up to you growing up. Thank you, Kuya,”

His other brother, Martin Hocson, stressed how he desires him then.

“Already missing you Kuya. Wish you didn’t go so soon. Rest easy now. I love you.”

Also, Martin highlighted the importance of family in his Instagram account 7 months ago.

“A simple reminder that at the end of the day, family is what is most important. This is my crazy bunch of siblings! Wouldn’t want it any other way. ”

Mico Palanca is the more youthful brother of Bernard Palanca. And for the information of many people, he was the initial boyfriend of Bea Alonzo. He was last spotted in the Kapamilya Television series such as ‘Bagani’ and ‘Nang Ngumiti Ang Langit’.

What can you say about this? Do you admire Mico Palanca on screen? Are you touched by the heartwarming messages of his siblings? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.


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