Milyones Ang Kapalit Ng Pambu-bully Kay Kim Chiu Sa Social Media

The shutting down of the Kapamilya network push some of their artists and talents to speak up for their support. Several Kapamilya celebrities voice out their support such as Coco Martin, Vice Ganda, and Kim Chiu.

Previously Coco Martin got several bashing online as well as the Chinita Princess Kim Chiu. But the Chinita Princess converts the bashings into a blessing that results in completing video from her experiences.


It is true, there is no accident in this world, it all takes place on time. Even in the most negative and darkest scenario of our life, we can still see the positive side of life.

Just like Kim Chiu’s emotional initial litany due to the shutting down of the ABS-CBN, the birth of her celebrated classroom law, the actress tasted left and right hit from the online b4shers.

Kim temporarily neglected her gadgets, thinking first, until she embraced the truth. Today is a complete video from her experience, “Bawal Lumabas”, which has been garnering millions of views today in various countries.

Kim even shows off her litany, her video is so popular. Our countrymen are now dancing to a composition that is rooted in ridiculing her.

As well as her reaction to the situation to become positive and accepts the truth, she also laughed on herself about the law of the classroom, many people admire Kim’s kind and good attitude.

What can you say about this? Do you have the guts to accept your mistakes and convert them into blessings? Do you admire the kindness of this star? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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