Mommy Pinty At Mommy Divine Nagkasagutan Sa Twitter

Mommy Divine Geronimo and Mommy Pinty Gonzaga made noises on the Twitter world.

Just like any social media platform, Twitter also has several kinds of accounts. There are accounts for celebrities, brands, politicians, genuine users, trolls, and bots. Of course, on Twitter, there are also has accounts that parody government officials. This kind of account usually ridiculed specific segments of the population or simply mocking celebrities.

But first, what is a parody account?

It is a commentary or fan account on Twitter where people can share different thoughts about a company, person, or specific issue.

Having a parody account is just alright as long as you provide content that is interesting or entertaining without violating the terms and conditions of the website.

The Twitter parody account conversation of Mommy Divine and Mommy Pinty hyped up the Twitter world and give a good laugh to the netizens. The conversation started when Alex Gonzaga took to her Twitter account her greeting for the anniversary of her sister Toni and brother-in-law Paul Soriano.

Alex wrote on her tweet,

“Happy Anniversary PAULTIN!!! Thank you for giving us Seve. Please give us quaranTINA ang baby nagawa hopefully ngayon ecq. Love u both.”

To which Mommy Pinty replied,

“Happy Anniversary kelan ba masusundan si Seve?”

And there it started when the parody account of Mommy Divine commented on the tweet of Mommy Pinty, saying, “Pag nagbuntis ka pa.”

Mommy Pinty replied, “Magpapabuntis lang ako pag bumalik na si Sarah sa bahay nyo.”

She added, “Hindi nakakaunlad ang inggit.”


Their conversation further went on.


Many netizens found the conversation very funny and entertaining even though the two are already having a word war with their parody accounts.

It can be recalled that Mommy Pinty criticized Mommy Diving for interfering with the personal life of her daughter.

What can you say about this? Are you entertained by their conversation? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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