Murang Kasal Na Inabot Lang Ng 30k Pesos Ngunit Napakaganda

This became the first and most important advice shared by the newlywed Rich Alberto about having a simple and inexpensive marriage.
“Contentment is the key to happiness.”

If you wanted to have a simple and intimate wedding but you don’t have enough budget, you might get an idea of the story shared by Rich about her simple yet beautiful wedding without spending too much money.

In a Facebook post, Rich shared how she and her husband was able to achieve a simple but intimate wedding for only Php30,000.

Rich wrote,

“For us, our main goal is to get married without breaking the bank. We don’t want our parents to get involved financially since it is our decision to get married in the first place.”

We just want this day to be memorable and to make sure we still have money left to move in together after the wedding. We really want to maximize our sooo little but hard earned money, we don’t want to use all of it just for the wedding.”

One of the most keys for Rich to save money is her passion for DIY (do-it-yourself). Almost everything in her wedding is DIY, such as wedding gown, invitation card, wedding reception, and wedding bouquet. All of it was only made by Rich with the help of her husband and friends.

According to Rich, looking for a reception should be the first thing that a couple will do in planning the marriage because everything will be easy after this.

She added,

“I suggest mag hanap kayo ng resto na nagpapa rent ng area at maganda ang interior para di na kayo gagastos sa designing (para to sa mga okey na sa simple lang.)”

Rich was also practical in giving the invitation to the guest. To avoid expenses, Rich send their wedding invitation via Facebook messenger. Even the program of their wedding was also sent through chat to inform the guests.

She further explained that it is important for a wedding to have a well-organized program with a time when each activity will take place. Having good and supported friends is also a big part of Rich’s marriage. Because of them, they able to save a huge amount of money on getting videographer, make-up artist, photographer, and host.

Rich said,

“Actually tong mga kaybigan namin, pare parehas kaming into camera. Magkikita kita kami para lang mag photo walk, i po photo shoot yung isat isa. And eto na kase yung pinaka gift nila samin. Promise namin bawi kami pag sila na ikakasal…

“Inexplain ko lang, di ko kayo ine encourage na wag bayaran mga tropa nyo haha. Support support dapat syempre.”

According to Rich, she knew that not everyone wanted to have a simple marriage. So, she also give a statement about this and said,

“I’m not romanticizing poverty. Hindi naman ibig sabihin makontento kang mahirap ang buhay, I just think it is best to always look at the brighter side of life and do beautiful things despite the struggles, just like what we did to our wedding…

“Hindi pa nga siguro kami talaga successful, pero ang dami na naming little wins together and I want us to focus on that coz I know we can do so much more together. It’s okey kung trip mo muna mag kabahay, pera, career, bago mag settle, kanya kanya tayong goal at trip e.


What can you say about this? Do you like the recommendations and suggestions above to have a beautiful and simple but not expensive wedding? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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