Naging Agaw Atensyon Sa Netizens Ang Litrato Ng Batang Ito Na Nagtitinda Ng Mangga

It’s common for children to play because of their growing up. But because of the difficulties of life, sometimes at their young age, they need to help their parents to sustain their daily needs.

Their young minds are early that awaken to the reality of life with the trials they have not yet to experienced and suffered. It’s just like this one who has been catching the attention of netizens.

A netizen named Iwa Yan shared pictures of a young boy wearing a yellow sando shirt sitting on the stairs of the Barba Sports Complex in Toledo City Cebu while holding a mango he is selling.

She captured this photo during the ‘Binibining Toledo Talents Night’ event because she was a make-up artist of the candidates on that beauty pageant event.

Iwa Yan was inspired by the young age of the child who is earning money and even at night it still sells mangoes.

It can also be seen in pictures as it seems that there are still a lot of mangoes that the young boy needs to sell.

“I posted this photo, not for popularity but to be able to inspire other people especially the CHILDREN. We keep on complaining about everything why not appreciate and give thanks for all the blessings we received each day. Be grateful!”

Iwa Yan added that this young boy because at his early age helped with his family and served as an inspiration for others to appreciate the blessings received daily.

Meanwhile, many netizens are also touched by this young boy and gain reactions and comments.

“Pls buy kung anong itinda niya.”

“Taga saan to? Kawawa naman.”

“You’ll be a successful businessman someday. God bless you boy.”

“God will provide on you. God bless you.”

What can you say about this? Are you inspired and touched by the persistence and determination of this young boy? Have you experienced such a situation when you were growing? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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