Nanay Muling Nakasama Ang Kanyang Anak Na Wala Na Sa Pamamagitan Ng Virtual World

Many parents really missed their children which has been pass3d away for a long time and they wanted to be with them for a couple of times even in their dreams but now it is possible in the virtual world because of the advancement of technology.

A heart touching situation between a mother and her longtime gone daughter who is presently in heaven in the world of virtual reality.

Does it come to your wild imagination of being together with your loved ones who had been pass3d away for many years? This dream and wishes may come into reality. Kindly check out the video highlighting the mother and daughter reunion which is in heaven.

Last 2016, a 7 years old daughter identified as Nayeon has pass3d away because of the d3adly disease. After 3 years, the Korean mother named Jang Ji-sung was able to reunite with her daughter for the second time in the world of virtual.

One Youtube channel shared a video that highlighted a mother standing in a green screen designed using a VR headset and haptic gloves.

The mother of Nayeon who has the ability to witness her for the second time. In VR, they have the chance to play, communicate and even observed a birthday party.

As seen, the situation was very heart touching as well as the staff inside the studio and Nayeon’s family along with her father and siblings.

Based on the ‘Aju Business Daily’. the group spent 8 months on the project. They made a virtual park in which the daughter Nayeon along with her mother meet into the real world.

They utilized motion capture technology to video the actions of a child actor that they could be utilized following as a model for their virtual Nayeon.

The key to a VR reunited being a positive matter that is likely the twenty-first-century take on flipping by a photo album and less like that of the “Black Mirror”, the episode shows to be alive admitting their gone.

Scientist Michael Graciano said to the Dell Technologies.

“Since you know the person is gone, you accept the virtual equivalent for what it is- a comforting vestige. There is nothing wrong or unethical about it,”

It is difficult to tell hat may happen to the chances to interact with the convincing version of the loved ones in heaven through Virtual Reality. Presently, that it started, many people have tons of questions needed to respond immediately.

On the other hand, this video spread like a wildfire online and had touched and moved many people that end up in many tears.

It is very heart touching if you will be reunited with your family and relatives whom you really miss a lot especially your children who were gone for a long time.

What can you say about this? Do you want to see your loved ones even in the virtual world? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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