Ilang Netizens Natuwa Sa Naging Reaksyon Ni Regine Velasquez Nito Kay Catriona Gray

Do you see famous celebrities that make a fangirling to another celebrity and beauty queen? This has happened to Asia’s Songbird Regine Velasquez when she saw the Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray.

The video went viral where it was clearly seen the reaction and amazement of Regine Velasquez Alcasid when she saw the Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray on her side.

Asia’s Songbird was starstruck and it seems she just forgotten that she was also a famous celebrity.

Her eyes on Catriona Gray was focused while Catriona Gray was talking at the stage in an event sponsored by Frontrow.

Because of this stunning video, numerous netizens idolized her more because of showing humility to the public.

In the post of Astorga Ong, it was clearly seen that Asia’s Songbird is forgotten that she was also a famous singer and celebrity on how she was amazed and stunned towards Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray while talking in front of the people.

The two were together at a Frontrow sponsored event held at the Philippine Arena on Saturday, November 9.

The post having the caption

“You are Regine, you are not alone”

Because it is amazing how wonderful and talented Catriona is about to transfer her crown this year.

Meanwhile, Ogie Alcasid’s wife was even more impressed by her reaction to Catriona. It was because of her humility.

The famous singer just proved so good that even though she was one of the most respected and famous celebrities in the showbiz industry, she still managed to idolize others.

Here are some comments and reactions from the netizens.

“Yung napangiti at napakutkot ka na lang ng daliri sa sobrang hanga kay Ms. U Catriona. Iba ka talaga Ms. Regine, so humble”

“Watching her looking at Catriona with so much admiration made me love her more”

“Nakakatuwa siya, di naiya naisip na sikat na sikat siya pero humanga pa rin siya sa iba”

“Very humble, pumalakpak pa talaga siya after magsalita ni Catriona”

“Nakakatuwa si Mama Reg, down to earth”

The viral video has reached more than 1.7 million views that give fun and entertainment to the netizens

What can you say about this? Are you amazed and stunned on how Regine Velazquez admires the beauty of Catriona Gray? Do you also admire the beauty and smartness of our very own beauty queen? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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