Nurse SA Wuhan Napahagulgol Na Lang Sa Pag-iyak Dahil Sa Hirap Ng Kanyang Kalagayan

A nurse in Wuhan, China was emotionally uncertain because she was inf3cted by a 2019 novel coronavirus. As she assisted to care for nCoV patients she is experiencing from the same illness.

Unfortunately, because she was contaminated with the virus, she also had to take care of a long line of patients for whom she was being treated unjustly. Her fellow nurse patiently comforts and comprehend her partner’s condition.

The heartbreaking scene captured in Wuhan, China, where a nurse was unable to be comforted by her fellow nurse there was also inf3cted by the 2019 novel coronavirus.

In a video shared on Billy LoveCali’s Youtube channel, a nurse is seen crying along with her fellow nurse convincing her to return to the hospital. The crying nurse is aware of her coughing for a few days and having diarrhea and some of the symptoms of having a virus.

This was especially difficult for her because instead of helping others who were sick, she had to rest as a patient. And since she is already a patient, he also has to rely on a long line of nCoV victims who are not fair to his situation as she is part of the medical staff.

Her fellow nurse even insisted that the sick nurse be understood only. Netizens feel sorry for what they are watching. This health worker does not even make a joke because in addition to work stress, being a patient is even more stressful.

Here are some of the netizens comments:

“Having been infected by this deadly virus in China is like a death sentence. It is sad to see the Help become the helpless. I hope the Chinese government provides her the care she needed.”

“Stress lowers your immune system making it easier for you to contract illnesses. Plus exposed to large volumes of virus. I really feel for all of those medical staff working tirelessly. I hope that nurse has a speedy recovery.”

“Sad hope she gets the treatment she deserves. Help countless others and get told back of the line when in need!”

“My heart breaks for these people. It’s so sad.”

“Watching this makes my heart break. I pray for this woman.”

Presently, there have been 974 reported d3aths due to this d3adly virus in Wuhan, China. Three more confirmed cases of nCoV cases in the country including the d3ath of one patient last February 1, 2020. They are all from Wuhan where the origin of this dre4ded disease

What can you say about this? Are you moved by the emotional condition of the inf3cted nurse? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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