Nabali Ang Mga Paawa Ng OFW Sa Kuwait Matapos Niyang Tumalon Sa Bahay Ng Kanyang Amo

Various experiences had been suffered by some unfortunate Overseas Filipino Workers in other countries, especially in the middle east. Such experiences can be considered risky because their lives were in a stake just to give their family a better life and a good future.

Again another OFW in Kuwait was allegedly deta1ned by her employer inside the room. The reasons for the deta1nement is still unknown but the condition of the mistreated Pinay OFW in Kuwait was in suffering from extreme pain because of trying to escape from her employer.

To escape from her employer the poor Pinay OFW jump off from the window of her room that is why she suffered broken feet. The Pinay OFW named Merlie Libumfacil was become viral because of the trending posted videos of her condition at the hospital where she was admitted.

One post in the social media went viral after the Pinay OFW was seeking help from her fellow domestic helper and friend in Kuwait. It was found out that the v1ctim was maltreated by her employer and deta1ned in her room by her employer last June.

Aside from being deta1ned by her employer, her cellphone was also confiscated by them.

The condition of the Pinay OFW was known after her friend and fellow domestic helper to inform and seek help. It was posted by Stephanie Aqui.

According to the post, no one helps the v1ctim going to the hospital. it was very clear in the video that the v1ctim was crying a lot on what she suffered in trying to escape from her employer by jumping off the window of her room.

Until now, the reason is unknown why she jumps off fro her room.

What can you say about this? Do you have the courage to go abroad in spite of the incidents you heard from the experiences of the OFW’s in the Middle East? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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