PAALALA: Huwag Subukan Kumain Ng Instant Noodles At Softdrinks Ng Sabay

Are you familiar with some mixture of soft drinks and other foods that may harm your health? Do you know and watched in a certain video the mixture of soft drinks and a candy named mentos “the freshmaker” showing their physical reactions when mixed that will cause eruption or explosion of the soda inside the bottle?

Do you know that the mixture of instant noodles with soft drinks will have bad effects on your health?
In a viral story of a certain netizen in Hangzhou China named Xiao Chao, she was immediately brought to the hospital after eating instant noodles with sodas.

She experiences pain in her throat, shoulder, waist, and back. The physicians attempt to diagnose the condition but they cannot find the real cause of the pain she experiences. She was given a medicine to ease and remove the pain, unfortunately, the pain continues.

She underwent abdominal x-rays so that the physician will understand the cause of the abdominal pain. They have found out that it was full of gas.

The gas inside her stomach was lessened and minimize by inserting a tube into her stomach.
According to the doctor, the cause of the pain in her stomach was by eating instant noodles together with soda drinks.

The abundance of carbon dioxide inside her stomach, the digestive system cannot handle it. The one that makes it severe because of her immediate sleeping after eating the noodles and drinking the carbonated drinks.

A certain research study shows upon their experimenting instant noodles and carbonated drinks mixed together inside a ziplock bag. After a few minutes, a gas formed inside the ziplock bag that makes it swell.

Supposedly, this also happens to the stomach of the girl who eats instant noodles with carbonated drinks. That makes it make many rounds on the internet. Many netizens are alarmed by these circumstances.

What can you say about this? Do you eat instant noodles together with carbonated drinks or soda? Have you tried to eat these two foods simultaneously? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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