Na Raffy Tulfo Ang Lalaking Ito Ngunit Bumalik Ulit Siya Sa Kanyang Kabit

Have you ever watch the Raffy Tulfo in Action episode video titled “KILIG STORY OF THE YEAR. MAPAPA- “SANA ALL” KAYO RITO!” of this couple. it was in the second week of September when Karen Cosio asks help from the veteran and tough-talking journalist and anchorman Raffy Tulfo. At the time of the radio program “Wanted sa Radyo” the grieving housewife complained of her allegedly irresponsible and cheating husband Alfred.

The wife, Karen accused her husband of witnessing other woman and cheating her. Upon claiming her complaints against her husband, she brought a handful of proofs along with the screenshots of Alfred’s other woman and their conversation as well.

Although the wife brought and shown the evidence, the husband strongly denied the allegations. On the other hand, he tried to reverse the situation against his wife by insisting that his wife is the one cheating against him. but without any proof on what he accused against his wife.

Finally, the controversial couple was determined to have another chapter of their relationship for the benefits of their children. The husband had promised to Raffy Tulfo to make amends with his wife and leave the third wheel for the betterment of their relationship.

However, after a week of their agreement, unfortunately, the husband returns to his recent activities. The wife Karen reveals on her social media account her bizarre findings against her husband. Possibly after some time of their appearance in a television program, the husband again comes back to his other woman.

Due to this incident, she raised the issue of her children’s paternity test to remove the doubts of her husband against her of being the real father of their children.

Karen railed in her trending Facebook post.

“So ngayon, bilang isang ina ng anak natin, hindi ako natatakot magpa DNA test, pero, alam mong alam mo yan kung anak mo o hindi. Pero nakakakinsulto lang bilang isang nanay ng bata na mismong anak na ginawa natin,”

Together with her recent status, the wife Karen also posted and exposed the photos of her husband along with her other woman. Based on Karen it will be the finality. Various netizens also suggested her to end the relationship with her husband and just focus on their children.

Check out the video below and share your comments, thoughts, and reactions with us? Do you believe that they have the chance to be together again?

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