Philmar Alipayo, Sinamang Magsurfing Ang Anak Nila Ni Andi Eigenmanm Na Si Baby Lilo

Parents nowadays seldom have bonding time together with their children as they are busy with work and business to give the daily needs of their family and to give them a better life. That’s why whenever they have free time, they will spend it on their children and teach them what they knew so they will grow up skillful and nice.

Many netizens admired Philmar Alipayo for the bonding moments that he and Baby Lilo shared. Philmar, who is the partner of Andi Eigenmann, is a professional surfer who often joining some surfing tournaments.

In his social media post, it can be seen that Philmar brings Baby Lilo while he was surfing. Philmar was also happy as he is slowly introducing Baby Lilo to surfing.

Philmar wrote,

“Lilo’s First Surf w/ Papa. Soo happy! Lilo’s first surf at 10 months. Can’t wait for more surf with me ♥️. Next time better video quality”

Many netizens are looking forward to the next surfing moments of Baby Lilo and Philmar and they can’t also wait to see Baby Lilo grow up and be an amazing surfer to follow the footsteps of her father.

The video quickly went viral online and garnered praise and admiration from the netizens.

Here are some comments of the netizens:

“Omg! Super galing and what a brave Lilo! But…Please let the baby wear a life vest next time, just for safety. I know you’re a great surfer.”

Lucky Lilo Wish theres a zoom camera to see her facial expressions.She must have the biggest smile.”

“Ugh!!!!! This is what i am talking about, peace and simplicity. Happiness and bliss.”


“Happy life is a simple contented life.”

“Simple life is a happy life … hope to see more surfing videos of ur gorgeous lilo…. ”

What can you say about this? Do you admire the courage of Baby Lilo in surfing in spite of her age? Are you happy with the simple life of the couple in the province? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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