Pinakita ni Kris Aquino ang kanyang Aesthetic Three-Storey House sa Quezon City

Actress Kris Aquino used to live in a condo unit before when she was still with her former partner, Philip Salvador. However, Kris moves into a three-storey house in Quezon City in the year 2013. She decided to settle down in the house with her two sons, Joshua and Bimby.

The house has an aesthetic feature with a cottage theme. It has a beautiful garden evocative of English cottages. Kris really spends a lot of money to make the whole property look so aesthetic and classy.

The Heim Interiors team and Interior designer Rossy Yabut-Rojales helped Kris on the renovation of the house so she can achieve her dream setting. In over three and a half months, the actress and her family were able to move in.

Rosy said the house was big and spacious. The house also has a lot of open spaces that’s why they needed to cut down some walls. The only thing that remained was the structure of the house after the renovation. Kris wanted the house to look like it is located in the Hampton’s with the touch of a country-style. There are also some adjustments in the house, including the application of Feng Shui.

Even though the house has a country-style going on, it is still filled with bright colors. The front door is in a bright green color. The guests will be welcomed by the big white sectional sofa in the living room. There are two armchairs in the beige color and a high table. There is also a small table in the middle where the flower bases and some books are on the top. Near the front door is a small side table where the religious statue rests.

Natural lighting enters the living room because of the huge glass windows and walls. But there are still white curtains which help Kris to keep her privacy.

Many furniture in the house like the table, sofa, and chairs are custom-made. Kris also wanted her table high because whenever there are family gatherings in the house, most of her guests are using their laptops.

Behind the living room is a black grand baby piano and a golden Buddha stands in between two areas.

The kitchen and dining area has a royal touch which adds up to the cozy and homey vibe of the house. The theme in the kitchen continues to be in a color white. Even the kitchen cabinets and countertops are in white. There are two crystal chandeliers in the dining area. The top of the dining table is made of glass while the base has an intricate sculpture. It is also in color white.

The table came from Kris’ mother, former President Aquino. She matched the table with individual couch and chairs. The actress also got a tip from a Feng Shui expert which is the reason why she always uses two pairs of chandeliers. It is her personal choice to use crystal chandeliers in her home.

Kris also chooses to use glass cabinets in the kitchen area where she often displays her collections of English country tea sets. Most of it was given to her as a gift.

The actress also has a makeup room. It is located on the first floor as Kris doesn’t want to disturb the sleep of the people upstairs whenever she and her team are rushing. It also has exercise and an office room. It comes with a washbin for hair and a private toilet.

Across the staircase are the glass storage cabinets where Kris often displays her collections. One can easily see her shoe collections because of the LED lights.

There are paintings of her parents, Cory and Ninoy hang on the wall of the staircase.

The room of Bimby is in black color. They only added orange and yellow sheets and pillows to add color in the space. Bimby has a TV cabinet with a big flat-screen TV and many of his things. He also has a drum set. Bimby has his own bathroom in his bedroom.

Josh’s room has a travel and explorer design. Josh also has an interest in traveling and exploring why he had a custom-made map wallpaper in his room. Instead of a TV set, Joh puts a computer set with a vintage-looking table in his room. Just like Bimby, he also has his own bathroom.

Another set of cabinets can be seen on the third floor. It is also filled with Kris’s collections. There is a walk-in closet in the third room where it is filled with several fashion collections of Kris.

There are several plants that are planted in the rooftop outdoor area, including some herbs and citronella. In this area where Kris and her family often hold gatherings. There is also some bougainvillea planted in the area. There are also some thorny flowering vines and a white trellis for the ornamental plant.

What can you say about this? Do you admire her beautiful and stunning house? Do you want to have this kind of house in the future? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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