Pinay Na Nang-scam ng 25 Million Pesos Sa Kasintahang Kano, Kinuha Ang Sariling Buhay

The radio program Wanted Sa Radyo confirmed that Adora had committed a su1c1de threat, not 4:00 pm but 4:00 am on November 15.

In Raffy Tulfo’s interview with Chairman Melito Sordilla, captain of Barangay Sorbedillo, La Union, he confirmed that Adora was d3ad.

It was found out that a neighbor of Adora had gone to the Barangay to report what had happened at 6:30 in the morning.

Police and the Barangay have also visited Adora’s home, which is currently in a fun3ral.

In the meantime, her fiancée was still shocked that several times she had attempted to commit su1c1de by Adora.

She also doesn’t want this to happen to her late boyfriend. But it was also very difficult for him especially and so many bad things happened in their relationship.

This episode of Raffy Tulfo in Action quickly went viral due to Adora’s shocking happenings according to her American boyfriend.

Some of them are burning their own house and pretending to have kidnapped her to get money to her American boyfriend.

The boyfriend was also surprised to find that the woman had not yet purchased any of the property.

Apparently, the relatives of the Adora prompted RJ to complain to Adora of what she had done to him.

RJ defend himself that he should not be blamed for the pass1ng aw4y of Adora since before her previous attempted su1c1de he tried all his best to save her.

Finally, RJ wants to go to a Union to extend his condolences to the family and Raffy Tulfo and RJ ask the relatives if they permitted them to go to Caba, La Union. The relatives? especially Teresa gives permission to them to visit the remain of Adora and Raffy Tulfo along with RJ Russel will go by Saturday.

What can you say about this? Do you think that the relatives of Adora blame RJ of what happened to her? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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