Pokwang, Nagtataka Kung Bakit Tahimik Ang Anak Niya Na Si Maila, Ito Na Pala Ang Ginagawa Niya Mag-isa

Being naughty is one of the normal behaviors of children. Of course, as a child, it is just normal for them to be curious about different things. Aside from that, they also like to use things that they are still not familiar with.

So, it is just normal for the parents to be hands-on and guarding their children carefully so they can see every action of the kids to avoid unwanted events.

But, of course, parents should also let their children explore things as long they will guide them and explain it to them.

Recently, Pokwang took her Instagram account to share a video of her adorable daughter, baby Malia who seems to be busy with what she was doing. Pokwang wrote,

“sabi ko na nga ba e…. delikad0 talaga kapag tahimik ka e…. tsk! Tsk!.”

This is what normally people say to the children, that whenever they are silent, they are surely doing something that can surprise their family. That’s why when Pokwang look at what baby Malia was doing, she was just surprised to see baby Malia putting lipstick on her lips.

In the video, you can see how busy and serious she is while putting the lipstick, that she seems to know how to put it. Baby Malia seems like a teenager who makes her face beautiful by putting makeup on.

What’s more entertaining and funny is that even though her mother and daughter already see her, she still continue what she was doing. Baby Malia even put lipstick to the lips of her mom, Pokwang.

Even though baby Malia didn’t put the lipstick properly, she still looks so cute and adorable. Meanwhile, many netizens were also entertained by the innocence and cuteness of baby Malia, saying that she is really cute when she was putting the lipstick on her lips.

What can you say about this? Do your daughter also did the same whenever they were silent? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.


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sabi ko na nga ba e….. delikado talaga kapag tahimik ka e…. tsk! Tsk! 😆😄🤣😆

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