Pokwang Pinatunayan Na Mali Ang Mga Nangbabash Sa Kanya Matapos Niyang Magshare Ng Video

Pokwang brought up to social media to encourage others to give anything they have in the middle of the continuing enhanced quarantine.

In a previous video, she posted on her social media account how they disseminated the repacked goods for the maintenance personnel and security guards to have and to share with the needy.

She indicated the video delivering a message to all her critics who do nothing but “urot” on social media. The actress demonstrated how action actually speaks louder than voice.

The Kapamilya star and comedienne Pokwang has been sincerely sharing her views and some stay-at-home tips on social media in the middle of the continuing enhanced community quarantine.

She highlighted how she purchased goods, sacks of rice and repacked them for delivery to those in need.

In spite of what she’s been executing, she still endured “papansin” commentary, which apparently annoyed her. Following it, the actress-comedienne posted a video of the real delivery that they did.

They delivered the goods to the maintenance personnel and to the security guard for them to have and also to distribute with others. The 49-year-old actress-comedienne brought up the chance to speak something to her critics.

“O eto pa mga EPAL NA WALA NAMAN MAGAWA KUNDI MAG UROT LANG SA SOCIAL MEDIA!! Ito ANG tamang panahon para gamitin sa tama ang SOCIAL MEDIA! “

What can you say about this? Do you appreciate and inspired by the good deeds showed by Pokwang? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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