Premonisyon Ng Isang Pinoy Psychic Tungkol Sa “The Big One” Nagkalat Na Sa Social Media

One of the things that Pinoy psychic Rudy Baldwin sees is the possibility of “The Big One” to come. Many and almost all of Rudy’s ‘visions’ come true.

One of these netizens shared its premonition of a well-known international celebrity due to “aircraft”.

According to Rudy, even she would experience “The Big One” and it would be devastating.

After appearing in the “Kapuso Mo Jessica Soho” television program, netizens quickly noticed the Pinoy psychic Rudy Baldwin. Much to the surprise of many people, she was probably a woman.

She also had many visions of what she said were come true. Some of these are earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and even numbers in the lottery that she foresees.

‘The Big One’ is a devastating earthquake that can happen anytime and possibly k1ll many people in Metro Manila if it happens.

Rudy added that even if she was innocent she would suffer. It just happens fast but it’s really powerful.

According to Rudy, she did not intend to threaten people. Her only warnings are that we can be careful and cautious anywhere and anytime.

In fact, few have won the numbers she has given. It is also one of its alleged predictions of the well-known international celebrity for its aircraft carrier.

But what seems to have come to mind of the netizens is when it comes to the possibility of ‘The Big One.’ will happen in the near future.

What can you say about this? Do you believe in all her predictions? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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