Prinangka Ni Willie Revillame Ang Isang Contestant Sa Wowowin Na Grade 1 Student

Willie Revillame is known to be a frank and straight forward person, especially in his television show. No one can escape for his straightforwardness even the young kids.

How about if he met young kids like him that of being straightforward entertains and admires by many people in his television show.

Willie Revillame could no longer be able to rejoice in the welfare of a young contestant in Wowowin.

Willie is also very happy with his answers to each of his questions. Even the audience and viewers of the famous Kapuso show, also entertain the children’s activeness.

Famous host Willie Revillame is delighted with grade one student named Ineng who is a contestant in a Wowowin segment.

Willie was no longer able to stop his delight to the straightforward child.

.Especially when he asked it what he wanted to request to him.

The girl answered that she was willing to have Php 100 for his brother’s milk.

Willie could not help but laugh and smile when he asked him why he was crying after giving her mother a message to her.

Even the audience was entertained well of being straightforward of the young children!

The netizens admired the straightforward child because of her mature mind.

“Sa 100 lang talaga eh nakakatuwa nMan tong batang tO.. tas pambili pa ng gatas ng baby napaka matured mag isip.”

“Pwede maging artista x ineng ganda.honest n bata.”

“Nakakatuwang bata ang bibo at matalino.”

“Kunin mn xa kuya willie para mag artista sisikat yan.”

“Sana makuha sya sa going bulilit.matalinong bata at cute kakaaliw tingnan yong mata.”

“Nakakaiyak na nakakatuwa.. Godbless you Ineng.”

What can you say about this straightforward child? Are you entertained and amazed at how she answers and thinks? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and opinions with us.

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