Raffy Tulfo Naiyak Dahil Sa Kwento Ng Mag-inang Kasambahay Na Minamaltrato Ng Amo

Raffy Tulfo couldn’t help but in tears when the truth was confirmed by the housemaid and her daughter’s complaint against their employer. The cru3lty was committed by the employer of the 20-year-old house helper as well as her mother.

At first, the employer insisted on denying the charges but when the result of a medical examination from Camp Crame came out, it was found out that the employer had done something wrong with his househelpers. Raffy Tulfo will assist the mother in the case of a cruel employer.

Raffy Tulfo was heartbroken when he learned of the cru3lty done against the grieving house helper Rhea Tubia and her mother Angela Tubia.

During the medical examination of Camp Crame, the severity of the assault committed by Trifona Selma was confirmed to the house helpers. She still denies the accusations but Tulfo insists there is very clear evidence of the results of the physical exam on the mother especially the 20-year-old house helper who is often beaten.

Eventually, they apologized to the mother and daughter house helper but because of the severe hardships and harm experienced by the house helpers, they were unable to forgive their employer.

Even Tulfo doubts the sincerity of Trifona’s apology to former her former house helpers for not having tears in her eyes. Tulfo also promised that he would not neglect the mother and that they would pursue the case against Trifona and that she would ensure that the mother could achieve justice.

Since Idol Raffy also learned that Rhea was in college, the host would also help Rhea get a job or her own business so she wouldn’t have to work.

What can you say about this? Are you moved by the difficulties suffered by the mother and daughter from their employer? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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