Richard Yap, Pinasilip Ang Kanyang Napakagandang Bahay Na Kumpleto Sa Kagamitan

There are also many videos and vlogs showing house tours of our featured celebrities. However, this house tour was the first time created by Richard Yap.
“Hi, guys! Since many of you have been asking to see my house, we decided to show you a glimpse of it. Welcome to my humble home, ”Richard said.

Just outside the house, Richard’s house is obviously classy. Five vehicles parked in front of his house were all caught the attention of many people. It was noticeable in his home of fond of paintings that inspire the home. The house is modern and classy from the black and white themed living room and elegant furniture that Richard himself purchased and chose.

According to Richard, their home is quite small but it’s okay with them and they are comfortable here. Richard also showed up at their home gym. It was supposed to be a swimming pool but they have made it a gym since they are more essential now since it is a lockdown.


Finally, Richard also showed the studio where he practiced when he had performances and was fully equipped. The netizens were amazed at Richard’s house:
“I love the concept of the house, most especially when the pool is converted into a gym. Just wow. For me that’s a wise decision And also love the paintings (the one who’s in the dining area the story behind that painting is a very meaningful simple but classy house. Thanks, po touring us around ☺ ”

“Ahhh…i love the interiors of your house, so simple yet so modern and classy from the paintings to the displays to the storage space. Pati kitchen and yung home gym. Pwede ka interior designer”

What can you say about this? Do you like the style and design of his house? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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