Ruby Rodriguez, Naging Usap-usapan Matapos Magtanong Kay Alden Richards Kung Kilala Paba Siya Ng Aktor

Ruby Rodriguez recently made rounds online after netizens noticed the strange question that the actress left in the comment section of the post of Alden Richards.

In the recent Instagram post of the actor where he posted a photo of himself while going for some grocery run, Ruby then left a comment on his post and asking him a question that reads, “Kilala mo pa ba ako?”

Because of the cryptic comment of the ‘Eat Bulaga’ host, many netizens then started to wonder why Ruby asked Alden such a question. Some said that it may be because the latter might not have asked or checked her condition or if she was okay when she got hospitalized for a stomach illness.

But after her comment created a buzz online, Ruby quickly clarified that she and Alden were in very good terms. She then stated that it was normal for the “Eat Bulaga” hosts to ask that question to one another as it is their way of teasing each other, especially that they didn’t see each other for a few months now.

Ruby stated,

“hahahahaha ano ba kayo, biruan namin lahat yun pagmatagal na di nagkikita. Ganyan lahat kami lalo na pag nag abroad. Meron pa do u still speak tagalog?”

In the earlier report, Ruby rushed to the hospital a few weeks ago and she was diagnosed with a severe abdominal infection. Right now, Ruby is still confined to the Manila Doctor’s Hospital. Several showbiz personalities expressed their reaction upon learning what had happened to the TV host. They also extended their prayer for Ruby’s fast recovery.

On her Instagram post recently, she gave an update to her condition now, saying that she is slowly recovering from the stomach illness and she might be out on the hospital in a couple of days.

What can you say about this? Do you think that Ruby Rodriguez has a strong message for Alden Richards? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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