Sam Milby, May Inamin Tungkol Kay Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray

Sam Milby has admitted that Miss Universe 2018 Catriona Gray is the woman who thrills and excites his life today. Sam couldn’t hide the excitement when he was sent by Catriona’s surprise birthday greeting.

This happened on Cornerstone Entertainment’s Facebook Live show CSTV Presents Lunch With The Stars this Friday noon, May 22, 2020. On Saturday, May 23, is Sam’s 36th birthday.
When Catriona’s taped video was flashed Sam’s smile was obvious to have something for the beauty queen.

Catriona’s whole message:
“Hey, Sam! Happy, happy birthday.”
“I hope that you have an amazing year ahead. More birthdays. More happiness.”
“You are loved by so, so many!”

Sam’s best friend John Prats and comedian Pooh, both involved in live streaming, could not control themselves nut to tease him.
They also request for Sam’s reaction.
Sam says:
“Kay Ms. Catriona… Hi!”
“Nahiya ako… Hi!”

Sam seemed to be nervous and sense that his voice was barely rattling voice.
“Nahiya ako magbigay ng message,”
Sam said again to John and Pooh.
For Catriona, he continued,
“Thank you for your greeting… uhm… uhm… yeah… nahiya ako…”
“Hindi ko alam kung anong sasabihin ko.”

Sam admitted that he was speechless and could not complete what he wants to convey to Catriona. Sam says,
“No, I’m so… uhm… so happy that… super happy! Yes, bye!”

Sam, who looked like a kid and stooped to his head and ears as he did not know what to do, also bowed his head.
About the time Sam was able to speak, John and Pooh resented him, saying that it was okay for three days on Facebook Live when the birthday boy said his message to Catriona.
Pooh’s teasing Sam,
“Hala, luh, luh, luh, luh!”

John, in turn, advised Sam not to be shy from expressing his feelings. John says,
“Uy, Samuel, sa panahon ngayon, sa mga na-experience natin sa pandemic, kailangan talaga i-express mo nararamdaman mo.”
“Eto na yung time. Ikaw, mahal na mahal kita. Si Pooh, mahal na mahal ko.”

Pooh’s replied,
“Mahal ko rin ‘yan si Sam.”
At this point, Sam was reluctant to express his feelings.
“Basta I’m kilig sa message. Super kilig sa message.”
“Hindi ko in-expect talaga na mag-message. Thank you,”

Sam’s smiling confession about Catriona.
His message for the girl,
“Yes, you are very special. Very special.”

John was thrilled to see that Sam was in love again.
“Okay na, alam ko na!”
John says.
Pooh said again,
Sabi ng isang viewer, ‘Sam, huwag torpe! Paano ka magkaka-girlfriend niyan!'”

John replied,
“For Sam Milby, it works, ha! Yung pagiging torpe niya.”
Sam’s confession,
“I can be torpe minsan.”

John gives a hint that he is happy in the status of the love life of Sam today.
“But again, Sam, you know, kung gaano ka kasaya, masaya rin talaga ako.”

But the rumors were not finished with Sam and Catriona’s relationship. It is said that the two have secretly met when they have free time in 2019.
But the mouths of both are sweet when it comes to the state of their love life. They are also equally popular in media interviews.

Sam’s alleged attendance at Catriona’s 26th birthday celebration on January 6, 2020 has not escaped the attention of fans. According to Catriona’s Instagram post on January 7, she was surprised by some close friends.

She showed some polaroid pictures of those who attended the event.
Catriona’s photo stands out with an adjacent man dressed in a mirror. The man’s face was partially covered because of another polaroid picture that Catriona put up so she could not identify who was with her. But in the comments section, netizens said Sam was the “mystery guy” in the picture.

What can you say about this? Do you believe that they have a secret relationship? Do you think that Sam Milby has a special feeling with Catriona? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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