Silipin Ang Bahay Na Pinagtagpi-tagping Yero, Pero Kapag Nakita Ang Loob Nakakamangha

Almost everyone dreams of having a comfortable house to live in. Even if it is only a simple house but you can say that it is your own and work hard to buy or build it.

Would you be proud if you were the owner of a house that looked like a warehouse made of old galvanized iron? For sure, most of us will not agree to live in this kind of house because of its outer appearance. But your mind might be changed if you will see how it looks like inside.

Maybe the owner of the house really meant to use galvanized iron in the outer appearance of his house because you can not say that the owner who built it was short of a budget because you can see in the pictures that the interior of the house is very beautiful and elegant that can be compared to modern designs of stunning homes nowadays.

The photos of the house were shared by Archdaily in their home design pictures Facebook page. The interior of the two-story house has white paint and glass windows. Two big windows on the second floor of the house are noticeable. The furniture and lighting inside is also beautiful. The motif of the house is modern minimalist so it looks very classy and airy.

According to the owner who requested the architect to design the house, he wanted the house to be simple so it will not attract the thieves as well as the debtors.

Whether the story behind the design of the house is true or not, the most important thing is it is comfortable to live in even though its outside appearance is not that good.

The house is built in a corner lot where it covered several beautiful houses in its back. Neighbors may not like it, but if the galvanized is painted, it will look good on the outside as well.

What can you say about this? Do you like the design and style recommended by the architect? Kindly share your comments, reactions, and thoughts with us.

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